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Manual for using Code Bug Mailsort

The problem is too many emails, clogging up our eyeballs and brainwaves. Each time we sign up for something, we're added to the lists. And maybe we actually do want to read the digest email later, or use the coupon codes when there's a sale. But even so, bulk mail definitely shouldn't interrupt dinner with notifications, or use up pixels in the *actual* Inbox. All of which are the reasons why we created the Bulk Filter feature to safely tuck away the bulk mail where it won't be so omnipresent.

Simultaneously, it's 2023 and we're surfing a Brave New Web, with fancy algorithms, nosy chatbots, and bad actors invading our privacy, security, and attention spans. To cut against these forces, we made Mailsort so that you can be your own butler by pre-sorting your own email.

As a practical matter, there's one relevant limitation of the Gmail API. While it's certainly not a dealbreaker, it sure would be "nice to have" the Also apply filter to matching conversations feature of Gmail Filters available in the API. As it stands today, creating a filter using Mailsort only applies to new email. To have the filter apply to existing messages, go in Gmail -> Settings -> Filters and find the mega-filter your created using Mailsort, and check the box yourself. When you save, it will sort those previously received emails.

There is a feature request on the books at the Google Issue Tracker, but not many people have become interested in it. If enough people join the revolution and hit +1 on the Feature Requests, Google might pick it up for us: Add flag for "Also apply filter to matching conversations" on filters.create endpoint

That's about it, welcome to Code Bug! We hope that it helps you tame your inbox.